About UsLet’s face it, we all love our cats. It was the love of my cat that inspired this website. Her name is Feta and she is adorable, it was her cuteness that started this online store.

I got Feta from the Edmonton Humain society in 2016, and my girlfriend wanted to dress her up. Turns out Feta likes it, and it made her even more adorable. It also seems like my girfriend’s favorate word around Feta is “Cute“. Naturally I wanted to support my cat’s cuteness, so I founded CuteCatStuff.com in early 2017.

We are dedicated to finding some of the cutest stuff out there and putting into this online store. Cute Cat Stuff has become a fast-growing, customer-focused, online outlet that is determined to have some of the cutest stuff out there for cats and cat lovers.

But don’t worry that we are in located in Canada, we offer FREE World Wide Shipping to 185 countries on orders over $25US! We know that there are cat lovers in all parts of the world and we don’t want to limit them from finding cute stuff for their cats. And even though we are growing we are still focusing on finding quality products that we can offer and still providing top notch service. Since we offer World Wide Shipping please allow your product 2-3 business weeks to arrive.

Dear customers from Brazil, before ordering any products please be informed that as of August 27, 2018 all international packages processed by customs will be charged R$15 (about US$3.50). This fee is paid by the buyer and if it is not paid withing 30 days the package will be returned.
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