4 Pack of Cat Mirrors Wall Stickers

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Do you happen to have a space on the wall that needs a cat shaped mirror? How about 4 of them? Well you are in luck, now you can get this cute 4 pack of cat mirrors. Easy to apply on any clean smooth surface and your walls will thank you for it. But why limit it to just the walls there are 4 of these cute cats and you can put them on other things too, like your refrigerator.

  • Not just 1, but 4 cats in this acrylic mirror pack.
  • Easy and convenient to apply, and removable.
  • Perfect for DIY projects in your home decor.
  • Only 1mm thick plastic mirror, light but durable.
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Enjoy this not one but 4 Cat Mirrors.

Do your walls seem like they are missing something? Well you wanted it, now you can have it. Cat Shaped Mirrors! This is a 4 pack, so you aren’t just getting one cat shaped mirror, but 4 of them. They are easy to apply, just remember to remove the protective film, and they are removable. They can be applied to any smooth and clean flat surface. So you are not just limited to the walls, but you can put them on doors, appliances, or any where you can envision that they will fit on.

These mirrors are pretty thin, only 1mm thick, but they are made out of a durable acrylic. Not only are they easy to apply, but they are removable as well so if you decide that you didn’t want the cat mirror in that particular location, you can always take it down again. With 4 to choose from you might just find the right one for the space you were eyeing up.

Each of the mirrors are different sizes, the smallest is approximately 6.3″ (16cm), then going up to 7.48″ (19cm), 9.84″ (25cm) and the largest at 11.81″ (30cm). So from just over half a foot to just under a foot you are not going to get the tallest mirrors in the world, but they will be a cute addition pretty much anywhere. Why not have a game of hide and go seek with them and your guests? Hide them in the cupboards or panty, go on let loose and see what you can do.

Additional information

Weight.14 lbs
Dimensions3.94 x 3.94 x 1.97 in

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