Cute Sleeping Cat Pillow Case


Do you just happen to have a square pillow laying around that need to have pillow cases with a cat on it? Well you are in luck! Check out this cute pillow case that will make you look twice. Is that a cat sleeping on the pillow? No! It is the pillow (well pillow case to be exact). This is the perfect way to improve the decor of your room, set it up on your sofa, chairs, or even in your bedroom.

  • Square pillow case.
  • 17.71×17.71″/ 45x45cm.
  • Made out of a durable cotton/linen blend.
  • Put this adorable pillow case of a cat sleeping anywhere.
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Adorable Sleeping Cat Pillow Case

Are you looking to make your place a little more cat cozy? Then check out this is an adorably cute pillow case with a picture of a cat nuzzled up and sleeping on it. Put one of these on a square pillow and it will look like you have a cat having a nap anywhere you put it. This is a perfect addition to your sofa, any chair in your house, or even for your bedroom. It will appear like you have a sleeping cat wherever you decide to put it.

This is a square pillow case that is 17.71×17.71″/ 45x45cm, so if you have a pillow that is laying around, this will be the perfect addition to the decor in your home. It will make it look like you have an extra cat just laying around at all times, how cute is that? You could even dedicate this new pillow case to your cat’s pillow and it will look like your cat is cuddling another one when it lays down.

It is made out of a durable cotton/linen blend so it will last for along time, there is no need to worry about it wearing out any time soon. You can have this cute sleepy cat hanging out with you for a long time to come. It is a great addition to your home and you might just have to do a double take since you might think that there is actually a cat sleeping on your bed, sofa, or wherever you decide to let this pillow call home. Not time like the present get one today!

Additional information

Weight.22 lbs
Dimensions8.66 x 8.27 x 4.33 in

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